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Utah Freedom

Utah Business Owners, Please Join This Class-Action Lawsuit Against the Government!

Are you a Utah business owner damaged by the actions of the government, like health departments or mayors? Do you believe that your Constitutional rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness were violated by government bureaucrats?

If so, would you like to be a plaintiff in a class-action lawsuit against these entities?

If you have lost 50 - 100 percent of your income for the 2 months of lockdown, and are now damaged, suffering, or unable to re-open, you are eligible. (You are still eligible even if you’ve been financially able to re-open.)

By completing this questionnaire you agree to be subject to the guidelines and decisions of the attorney, Garrett Smith, who specializes in Constitutional law, and you will need to agree that these details may be made public.

Filling this application out is your consent to be potentially interviewed by the media, and/or these details and others we may ask for may be used to create a video of your story and your business, and a website featuring our plaintiffs. (Your contact info will not be made public.)

We highly recommend you include the very real “human” details of your story, including extenuating circumstances and how government decisions affect you and your family and other businesses you work with. These details and your estimated losses will be important in deciding which plaintiffs we will represent. There is no limit on the number of plaintiffs that may be accepted into the class action lawsuit.

Please keep your application detailed but well written and short.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: June 30 for the first wave.

Covid Kills Business

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